mauritius Global Business Category 1 (GBC1)

**mauritius is one of the main International Financial Services Centre** which grants two most common forms of business to international clients, specifically the Category One Global Business companies and the Category Two Global Business companies. The choice among the above-mentioned companies will depend on a number of reasons, some of which being the planned activities and the location of op...

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Seychelles - mauritius Potential Financial Services Partnership

Recently, the official delegation of **Seychelles** visited mauritius to discuss matters of becoming partners. The current plans include working in financial sector to develop international business potential of both countries. Presently, **mauritius is a popular African territory for starting international business**. It is a competitive economy according to different factors. One of them is...

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Old Ways Won’t Open the New Doors

...Hague Convention on Apostille. The government bond is $10.000 USD and set-up fees match those of the Vanuatu. The only and major difference is that there is a requirement to have a local office. However, this can be outsourced and used wisely. **mauritius** enjoys proper due diligence and reputation of a compliant offshore, at the same time offers great banking facilities in the jurisdiction i...

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