Seychelles - Mauritius Potential Financial Services Partnership

Mar 19, 2018

Recently, the official delegation of Seychelles visited Mauritius to discuss matters of becoming partners. The current plans include working in financial sector to develop international business potential of both countries.

Presently, Mauritius is a popular African territory for starting international business. It is a competitive economy according to different factors. One of them is Mauritius double tax treaties with developed countries like Germany, United Arab Emirates, the UK, India and many others. This makes Mauritius a prospective partner for other offshore jurisdictions.

Both international financial centers of Seychelles and Mauritius will benefit from their collaboration. Moreover, this will ease doing business for international entrepreneurs in both jurisdictions.

Exchanging knowledge and planning future cooperation is now in progress and Offshorelicense Ltd will keep in touch with the most recent news from these territories.

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